Bethesda, Maryland is Matt’s hometown.

Neighborhood features:

  • Bethesda Maryland is an unincorporated part of Montgomery County Maryland with no official boundaries which encompasses seven zip codes and has 63,000 residents.
  • It was a farming area for a long time that blossomed into a residential area with the introduction of the car.
  • In the 1980’s the opening of the Bethesda Metro Station spurred Mid and High-rise residential and office development in downtown Bethesda.  
  • Montgomery County continues to encourage High-rise development in downtown Bethesda with continued up-zoning.
  • Bethesda is home to Walter Reed Navy Medical Center, the National Institutes of Health and the Marriott Corporation.

Market Data:

In the seven (7) zip codes that comprise Bethesda over the past year eight hundred and sixty six (866) houses and townhomes have sold for an average sales price of $1.162 M with an average of forty four (44) days on the market. The most expense home to sell during that time was a twelve bed, fourteen bath, 33,000 sf home for $5.625M in July of 2018 in the Avenel neighborhood.

In those same seven (7) zip codes over the past year there were also three hundred nineteen (319) condominium and co-op apartments to sell averaging $433K and which were on the market for an average fifty six (56) days. The most expensive apartment to sell was for $3M for a three bed, three Bath unit at the new development Cheval Condominiums.